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October 2007
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Back in Shanghai Again
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Posted by: Mae-Ling @ 8:37 am

I seem to have a crazy travel schedule, but travelling is a normal part of life for expats.  Two nights ago I returned back to Shanghai from a one-week trip to the US on my own.  I’ve come to realize these occasional solo trips away from Kyle and Alan (and even Shanghai) have been refreshing, allowing me to think about my priorities, to off-load my worries because I actually have time to write in my journal or catch up with a few friends, and to actually get +8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I’m fortunate to have these opportunities, and I’m especially thankful for having a supportive husband who truly is the best Dad in Kyle’s eyes.

I recently re-connected with a childhood friend, and I think the following paragraph (from the email to this friend) summarizes how I’ve been feeling about many dear friends I’ve lost touch with these past years:

I think I need to apologize for not being in touch with you for so
long.  Living abroad and being married with a child, I’ve realized my
time invested in staying in touch with friends isn’t like it used to
be. In my HK days, I remember how much I loved writing letters back
home with friends - and receiving them! For some reason, now that I’m
10 years older and in a different stage in my life with more
distractions, my best form of keeping in touch is actually physically
seeing people when I’m back home, or if they visit Asia. I’ve truly
enjoyed some great “hanging out” time on these occasions. As you know
I’ve always loved planning parties so sometimes planning an event
(whether it’s a group thing or 1:1 visit) is my way of showing my love
to people. For some friends who keep a small group of close friends,
this drop in presence may seem dramatic, but for others who are as
social as me, I’m thankful that they’re probably feeling just as guilty
as me! You know it’s also hard just staying in touch with my mom
because she hardly answers the phone so I finally decided to make
regular trips back to the US to see her. Anyway, in a nutshell, I want
you to know that I still consider you one of my dearest friends (we’ve
only known each other since we were babies!!), and I’m truly sorry for
not keeping up with the personal correspondance and connection with
you. But, you know it’s not too late to re-start as we’re doing now,

Facebook is the lastest craze!  I love finding friends on Facebook.

Diva Life is opening a second spa in Pudong on November 1st.

Alan’s mom and Bob (stepdad) are in town.

Halloween is around the corner. I haven’t planned a ladies luncheon or any big Tien party in a couple of months. I think all the travelling and visitors have made me tired! It’s hard to believe I’m almost burnt out from party planning.  I used to think being around people and planning events gave me energy, but now it exhausts me. The last-minute me actually has a couple of Halloween play dates and an evening Halloween wine party planned this week.  Admittedly, I enjoy the fact that friends come to my events and appreciate the oppotunity to connect with friends. It should be a good week. Check in a couple of weeks for all the fun pics.

Who is reading my blog? It’s a mystery to me. Let me know or come find me on Facebook. By the way, don’t forget to use my current email address:

My latest business ideas:

-Working with my friend Kalika to distribute a cool purse hook in Shanghai:

-Designing an event scrapbook product

-Setting up a Transformer play room (Kyle’s latest passion, but he wasn’t allowed to see the movie because it’s PG-13) and becoming a reseller of Transformers

A couple of weeks ago I was seriously considering going back to work. I think I was going through an early mid-life crisis and asking myself, “what do I want to do with my life?” I have a loving husband and son, a comfortable and exciting life in Shanghai, many wonderful friends and travel opportunities, BUT what are my goals and dreams? Am I living out my passions? I thought party planning was my passion. It still is, but I think it’s best left as a hobby passion and not my life work passion.  Earlier this year, I helped organize a Grameen awareness event in Shanghai. It was quite successful, and I understand that one connection was made which resulted in a large donation to start a project in India! But, I’m not as motivated to pursue Grammeen work. I still fully support it, but I think it’s more Alan’s passion.

Battery is low so I better post this before I lose all my precious thoughts!

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