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Non-stop life in Shanghai
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Saturday, September 8, 2007 (Eugenia is 17 today!)

The last 2 weeks have been crazy hectic, but admittedly, quite fun.  First, I organized a Play Date Camp. Each day, a small group of kids went to someone’s house or on a field trip. The idea was to have each mom host one day.  I ended up hosting 2 days and participating in another 2 days, and I organized the carpools every day!  Although it was exhausting, the time spent with Kyle that last week before school started was priceless.  My favorite day was the first day on Monday. We had a games and ice cream sundae play date. It was simply pure fun!

This past week, we have had 3-4 houseguests (Dennis, Cindy, & Ken, + Steve), SCU MBA students (hosted a Diva spa party and played tour guide for dean and professor’s wives), Aunt Rose and Emma visiting for one night, and Kyle starting school in his new all-Mandarin class! We’re opening a second Dive Life Spa in Pudong this month so I’m also now finding myself in business meetings…

Next week will be my SH expat womens’ groups meeting. There are 3-4 events, and I’m hoping to help get the word out about our new spa in Pudong, but also it’ll be nice to see old friends and meet new ones, too. Networking…. which is good because Alan is more motivated to do some grassroots marketing with geni and JUCCCE (Peggy’s energy project).

Kyle will be turning 6 in two weeks!  We decided to cancel having a big party at Kidtown (maybe after feeling overwhelmed with people the last 2 weeks), and now we’ll have his Knights party at home with 5 other boys.  We’re going to turn our living room into a big play castle and make costumes for the kids.

For October holiday, we’ll be flying to Bali for Joy and Jamie’s wedding celebration - yay!  On the way back, I’ll spend 4 days in HK on my own.

I’m also planning to go back to the US in October for Chengy-Yi and Greg’s wedding, and also to visit family and friends. I’m not sure how long I want to be away from Kyle and Alan.

Alan and I are doing monthly get-aways and staying in a hotel over night. Last week, we were at an amazing boutique hotel called Pudi near Fuxing Park. We truly had a fabulous time (also at the Hawaii Hilton Village in July). It’s nice to have something to look forward to every month…!


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