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May 2022
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September has arrived!
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Posted by: Mae-Ling @ 9:29 am

It already feels like Fall in Shanghai. I love the cooler (but not too cold) weather. Feels great to be outside! We’ve been walking Kyle to school every day. He’s finishing up his 2nd week of school. So far, everything is going well with Ms. Jin. He doesn’t say much about school, but he seems happy at pick-up, and he doesn’t complain so I think things are fine. Yesterday, his teacher announced that Kyle gained 2 kilos - so Chinese! I have noticed that Kyle grew taller and heavier over the summer. He still wants to sneak into bed with us, but we are able to be more strict now because of our fear of being kicked and having it hurt!

Alan and I will be returning to the Pudi Boutique Hotel for our monthly (around my Day 14) get-away! I’m looking forward to it.  Hopefully, one of these months will finally be a successful baby-making month…

Activities are filling up our schedules - nothing new with Alan and me! Last night we attended the opening of a new steakhouse called Roosevelt. The owner is George Chen who also owns Shanghai 1930s in SF. Tonight I’ll be going to a B&B dinner. B&B is a wine dinner club which originated in Australia as a men’s club. One of my friends, Julianne Huh, started a women’s version in Shanghai. The club meets once a month at a nice restaurant and beef and red wine are always served, of course. Since many of my friends are now members, I enjoy attending, and the meals are usually amazing! This month’s B&B will be at the new Hyatt on the Bund.

I’m getting more involved with marketing for Diva Life. With a new shop opening in Pudong this month, I’m motivated to see my efforts benefit two spas instead of one. I’m trying to keep my focus on event marketing - meeting new potential customers at events and getting them to visit our spa. There are many expat groups and events which offer plenty of opportunities for us to market to our target market.  Today I’ll be interviewing two college students to be interns for Diva Life. I’m excited to get young people to help with side marketing projects (teaching English to staff, building a corporate database, etc), but I just hope I don’t find managing them more burdensome.

I also started taking aqua fitness once a week!  Sad to say it has been almost 6 years since I last exercised on a regular basis.  The class is perfect for me. It’s a group, and the exercising can be at my own pace.

What I wish I had more time to do is scrapbooking! I still dream about my party scrapbook business idea. Just waiting to find the right partner to plan and more importantly, help execute with me. I left my camera battery charger at home so interestingly enough, I have no pictures from the past few weeks, but I hope friends will forward copies to me so Alan can post on In some ways, I’ve more free without my camera. It’s like not having my phone! Text messaging is addictive here.

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