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May 2022
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Last Cold Day in Shanghai
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Posted by: Mae-Ling @ 1:47 pm

It’s definitely Winter in Shanghai. In fact, this will be a memorable Winter because China has been hit with the worst snow storms. According to news reports the last time China witnessed similiar devastation was perhaps in 1951. Some people still remember. It was snowing in Shanghai all last week. Kyle threw his first snowball. I escaped to Hong Kong first, and then Kyle joined me for a weekend in warm Singapore to visit with his preschool friend Jax Crockett.

I’m back in Shanghai for one day - semi-packed after being on the road for a week - and ready to escape the cold again to sunny California.  I do have to take to heart how lucky we are to have business class air tickets to fly home to see my family (family I JUST saw last month for Christmas) for Chinese New Year. There are hundreds of thousands of migrant workers stuck in Guangdong province because the snow storms prevented them from catching a train home to their provinces. It’s really, really sad. Alan has already donated to two charitable organizations in China.  We hope our ayi Ding Ding can make it home to her province Anhui to see her two children and family.

This is an interesting time for me personally. I will remember the beginning of 2008, almost 10 years since Alan and I got married, as a critical turning point in our relationship. Most of it is too personal to publish on this iTien blog, but I can say that in this past week we learned A LOT about each other.  The truth hurts, but pain helps people grow and become stronger so that’s the hope I hold on to as we weather through this period in our relationship. 

More travelling and visits with people are on the calendar for me!  I’ll try to blog more this year. It’s actually quite relaxing to blog.

Kyle has been a joy to us. We’re also learning more about him day by day.  For starters, he constantly wants to play with us!

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